What Heritage means to me

Heritage is family values, traditions, customs handed down from generation to generation.It is a sense of pride, what my parents, grandparents, neighbors instilled in me. it’s part of my DNA.

Growing up in the West of Ireland on the Wild Atlantic Way  I have cherished memories of my youth, listening to the neighbors, have good old fashioned fun. It was a wonderful time full of memories Granny lived with us and lived to the ripe old age of 92 years and have 13 children and as a result, we had numerous relations dropping in .I loved listening to the stories “when I was allowed “ and sometimes told “this is not for your ears” out and “on your Bike “

When Mam passed away two years ago, the family chain was broken, and I was left with such fantastic memories. It was then that I decided to document some of the stories, expressions, traditional recipes, cures, etc, and “A Step Back in Time was born.”

Since the book was launched and went online(https://greenwaygifts.ie ) I have heard received fantastic emails, letters, phone calls as a result of people reading the book. There is a section at the end for you the reader to document your own stories as it can be held for future generations to read.

A Step back in Time is now held in all the libraries, Trinity, Nui, Oxford, etc, the list is on my Facebook page for future generations to enjoy http://facebook.com/greenwaygifts.ie.

As this week is #heritage week @heritageweek2020.I will share some of my fantastic stories and pictures in the 153-page color book

Enjoy @heritageweek2020


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