Homemade soap

Cool/homemade gift idea/made in Co.Mayo /great gift/suitable for all occasions for all the family,a cool souvenir
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Are you looking for a cool homemade gift idea ? Well look no further here at Greenway Gifts we  have the perfect gift for you at affordable prices .

A perfect gift for birthdays ,Easter,thank you ,a token of appreciation ,anniversary gift-whatever the occasion 

A twin pack hand made scented soap made in Mayo in Ireland  with all natural  ingredients  leaving your skin soft.-100% natural 100% homemade .

Handmade soap or homemade soap is a blend of art and science  and is made in  Mayo -when I call to collect my supplies I am amazed to see how it all comes together it is a work of art -the beautiful colours ,scents 

 The actual soap is made from scratch by the cold or hot process methods or the soap maker might utilize a ready-made soap base.

It is a complete work of art  from creating the soap to additives and   the final packaging, is done by hand.

Handcrafted soap makers generally pride themselves on their unique recipes, developed to create their signature soaps. they  have   natural ingredients starting with a variety of vegetable oils such as olive, coconut, or palm, or purified tallow or lard. To these the soap maker might add specialized oils, nut butters or seed extracts to bring the desired qualities to the finished bar.

Either fragrance oils or plant-based essential oils  and herbs are  added for scent.

when I spoke to my soap maker she told me she uses the following -creamy moistening glycerine base  and uses Mayo scents  and then you have a gentle soap free from animal products -when I collect the box  filled with loads of packs of soap and as I make my way to the van I love the fragrance that comes from the box -so really it is a lovely cool gift suitable for all the family whatever the occasion  and a great Mayo Gift at a keen prices-

In addition to all the wonderful ingredients that may be in handcrafted soap and the many different techniques that may be employed, perhaps the biggest advantage of handcrafted soap is in the soap makers themselves, each of whom invests care and attention to detail into every batch and bar.

When you use a bar of handcrafted soap, you know it was made with the personal touch of a local soap maker.-try it you will love it  and at a price you can afford.

have you seen our relaxation baskets ?-check out our corporate gift section .

Soap is hand made  in Mayo-Ireland


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