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Mayo Relaxing Baskets

Gift basket ideas/all at Cool Prices !
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Your unique present consists of the following 

*candle -made in Mayo  by adults with intellectural disabilities who make candles as  a hobby ( it  is wonderful )

*bottle-designed in Mayo 

*  Hand made soap- made in Mayo 

*key-ring  with the Mayo Gaa branded football colours /mayo magnet-shopping token

*Pure Dead sea salts-packed in Mayo 

*Pouch of petals-fill the room with the aroma or add to the bath

and comes in a beautiful packed basket  -your ideal unique gift  -hand packed in Mayo 

When I spoke to my soap maker she told me she uses the following-creamy moistening glycerine base and uses Mayo scents and herbs and then you have a gentle soap free from animal products-when I collect the box filled with loads of soap I love the fragrance that comes from the box so really this is a lovely cool gift suitable for all the family whatever the occasion and a great Mayo gift at a keen price.In addition to all the wonderful ingredients the care and attention to detail that  goes into each bar  of soap and it is hand wrapped as well so the attention to detail is fantastic and the personal touch says it all.

If you are looking for a homemade candle -you have came to the right place   

why buy homemade Mayo candle -its all very simple 

candle are made in Mayo  by adults with intellectural disabilities who make candles as  a hobby (isnt it wonderful ) see my Google map on the home page 

The headquarters of  this organization is Western Care  and is located in Castlebar  Co.Mayo and its mission statements is a follows -

*Western Care Association exists to empower people with a wide range of learning and associated disabilities in Mayo to live full and satisfied lives as equal citizens.*

Candle making is an art form that has survived the centuries, borne out of necessity around 200 AD, to become a wildly popular hobby today.

They are a work of art, memorizing to look at...and they make great gifts


I have it summarized in these steps to make beautiful homemade candles.

Prepare the wax- protect your work area before you begin,put newspapers,or towels on the surface you will be working on.

Put together a double boiler similar to one you might use while cooking food. You cannot put candle wax directly on heat.  
 It must be melted slowly or it may catch fire or evaporate. Fill a large pot or pan halfway with water. Place a smaller pot or pan in the larger one.
 This smaller pot is the one you will melt the wax in. Keep in mind that wax can be difficult to clean--you may want to purchase a cheap pot specifically for candle making.

Cut or shred your wax into chunks or shaving- ensure that the wax melts at an even pace.. 

Place the wax chunks  in the smaller pot . Turn  on the heat to high so that the water boils. The boiling water will slowly melt the wax-use a themometer to keep an eye on the temperature of the wax.

Add Mayo scent and essential oils and colouring to your melted wax. Stir well

Place a wick in the center of the candle mold. The wick should be in the center of the candle mold with about two inches sticking  out of the candle .

Molding the Wax .Place them on a flat surface in your protected workspace (such as on a cookie sheet or a cutting board.)

Pour the melted wax into the mold. Pour slowly so that it does not spill over.

Cool the wax. It is best to cool them for a full 24 hours if possible.  

Remove the wax from the mold and trim the wick to within a quarter inch of the top of the candle.

Please forgive me if I have left out anything ( as I have made it all look so easy in a few sentences) as I am not a candle maker or an expert in this field- I did my best to take all the knowledge with me from Carrowbeg Enterprises as I carefully watched all those workers who were so happy and worked to make those beautiful candles. They can now be shipped anywhere in the world to you so that you can enjoy Mayo candles made with love and attention.

That is what was involved in making just one simple candle !!!

Light the wick, burn the candle and enjoy the masterpiece - sooth your senses, relax your mind, as the room fills with a pleasant Irish  fragrance, release the stress and think of all the good times spent in Mayo (if you are homesick )or maybe you felt that you wanted to contribute to this wonderful business by buying Mayo gifts -its all the community working together .

To have these workers part of this project (see all the candle workers that attended my launch ) it is fantastic !

 when we  buy those candle with Mayo scents which are made by adults   who have a intellectural disabilities we are giving the workers a sence of pride and purpose  and we could turn their hobby into a little industry for them- it is  fantastic !

 It makes me so proud to have Western Care workers part of this exciting business .

I love my Mayo candles !

These candles are a labour of love -what more can I say

Looking for  a different birthday idea ,anniversary gift,or just  a thank you gift,or for that special lady in your life or Mothers Day ,Valentine Day ,Easter,St.Patrick day ,or Christmas present, say it with a Mayo Relaxing gift -it is homemade gift idea and an unique gift and its Irish


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