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Mayo Fridge Magnet




Mayo Fridge Magnet. Shop on line today.

Mayo memories are forever.


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Mayo Fridge Magnet

Mayo memories are forever.

Why buy a fridge magnet ?

*its simple    –   they are a lovely souvenir and are  suitable for all- even the budget travelers can afford a  fridge magnet

*on look at the magnet as it sits on your refrigerator speaks a 1000 words -all the memories come flooding back of the fabulous holiday of time spent in Mayo -it may be only last year it may be many moons ago -precious memories will last forever.

Did you know ———————————

*Fridge magnets are made of a cooled hot iron or any other magnetizable metal. They can either be the plastic kind with magnetic powder inside, or can be covered in plastic, so that they do not scratch the refrigerator door. Bars or horseshoe magnets can also be used as fridge magnets.

*Collecting magnets can be a hobby, some collectors  specialising magnets from their travels,or a particular theme for example places, people, animals etc

Would you like to join the large collections of magnets?

At one time, the largest verified collection of refrigerator magnets belonged to Louise J. Greenfarb from Henderson, Nevada in Las Vagas. Her world record was included to the Guinness World Records with 19,300 items as of 1997. According to the British “Book of alternative records”, it grew to 29,000 as of February 2002, and later up to over 30,000 items  -Woo!

In January 1999, Tony Lloyd, a teacher in Cardiff, Wales, was interviewed by the Channel 4 Television programme and it was said that he had the largest collection of fridge magnets in Europe at that time, over 2000.  In September 2010, he had a collection of over 3,600   magnets  – woo – can you imagine having so many magnets!

*A fridge magnet is an ornament which is put on the fridge door and serves as a decoration or a simple reminder of happy times or events.

*Refrigeration magnets come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are a popular souvenir and collectable items.

O to be in Mayo again!

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