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Famous Greenway Bridge Postcard


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This is the question -why do we send a postcard today ?



We live in the fast lane of sending emails,fax,text,Facebook, messages,scype so why at Greenway Gifts in Mayo are we talking about sending postcards -that is the question



Imagine getting a postcard out of the blue from an old friend -what a surprise !


It makes  you  stands out from the crowd- you remembered -woo-the excitement when that old familiar postcard arrives in the post -will you pass it around to your friends and family ?-  is it read a 100 times –  yes -(not like the emails )


It may be framed or put up on the wall or mantlepiece for weeks or in some cases years  to comes and it still brings a fresh smile on someones face -O the memories – 


Can you remember going in the heat or rain to the local post office and then getting a stamp and chatting to the lady in the post office- sitting in the hotel or cafe writing the card

O the old reliable postcard has many uses-


It tells its own story -it is unique -its original- and best of all -keeping in touch with family or friends -thinking of you while on holiday is a story in itself what do you think ?




 O- I just love Mayo Greenway !



Greenway  Postcard  of bridge  between Newport and Mulrany .
Happy memories of that day cycling the Great Western Greenway in Mayo Ireland

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